Winter Wonder LAN

Where: CUE 202

When: October 27th, 2018, 12pm-2am

Cost: Free!

What is Winter WonderLAN?

We treat Winter WonderLAN as our pilot for WSUCon, with a focus of testing new ideas for WSUCon, while keeping our costs low. This way we can go all out for WSUCon.

This year, we are hoping to have pizzas and drinks covered by RHA.

What should we expect?

As always, we will have movies playing, games happening, and a large room with gigabit ethernet. We will also have some tournaments.

As for prizes, we will mostly be giving away first dibs on pizza and drinks. Play well and you could have the first swig from a free two liter bottle.

However, the winner of our gauntlet tournament (see below) will receive a very special trophy.

What do I need to bring?
  • Yourself
  • A computer, power, ethernet cable
  • Money if you wish to get food.
  • Energy

Equipment Drop Off and Parking

The LUG will have a few mall permits available for checkout so that you can drive your car up the the entrance of the CUE to drop off your PC, rather than lugging it up the hill. Find an organizer inside to check one out on the day of the event.

We recommend parking either in the free lot off Grimes Way or in the CUE parking garage (not free). View maps here.


Time Activity
12pm Sign in and set yourself up
1pm An introduction to fighting games
League of Legends tournaments to begin immediately afterwards.
2pm Gauntlet Component 1 begins
3pm Gauntlet Component 2 begins
Overwatch tournament to begin immediately afterwards.
Soul Caliber 6 tournament/showcase begins
4pm Gauntlet Component 3 begins
First Fortnite tournament to begin immediately afterwards
5pm First wave of pizza (subsequent waves throughout the remainder of the night)
Gauntlet Component 4 begins
Killer Instinct Tournament
6pm Gauntlet Component 5 begins
7pm Gauntlet Component 6 begins
Second Fortnite tournament begins
Tekken Tournament
8pm Gauntlet Component 7 begins
10pm Gauntlet Component 8 begins
Rocket League tournament begins
11pm Gauntlet Component 9 begins
Third Fortnite tournament begins
12am Gauntlet Component 10 begins
1am Gauntlet Awards
2am Wrap things up

Our poster this year