WSUCon is an annual social gaming event hosted by the Linux Users' Group on campus. Its purpose is to bring WSU students, faculty, alumni, and the Pullman-Moscow gaming community together.
Yes, but we'll never say no if you want to donate to help us make WSUCon even more awesome. You can go to our sponsors page to find out more information.
Nope, we welcome WSU students, faculty, alumni as well as Pullman-Moscow community members.
A "WSUCon - Seat" means the following:
  • One seat with an ethernet connection
  • Power plug for 1 desktop and 1 monitor
  • Ability to enter into computer game tournaments like LoL, CS: GO, etc...
  • Prizes
  • Food
Please be considerate of your neighbors at WSUCon. More than 1 monitor can encroach on the space of others, so please be aware of that when packing up your equipment.
Each person only gets one seat per registration. If you want your friends to come, make sure they sign-up through their own names! Duplicate registrations will be cancelled.
Yes! You must be registered for our official tournaments. For more information, go to our Games & Tournaments page!
Only if you want to participate in a tournament that requires a team to play.
If you aren't sure where to find a team or people to be on your team, you can check out our Facebook and event page.
Prizes will be provided by individual tournament organizers.
No, but you absolutely can! Some people stay the whole time, and others only stay for select parts depending on if they want to participate on certain tournaments. It's all up to you how involved you want to be in WSUCon.
Yes! This year we will be providing food for computer seat holders! We will have dinner, a breakfast, and lunch served throughout WSUCon.
Before we list stuff you need to bring, we need to say that you are responsible for anything you bring. If something is damaged, lost, or stolen, neither the Linux Users' Group or the school is liable and will not under any circumstances replace your item(s). Ok, with that painful bit out of the way, in the many years of WSUCon we have never ever had a report of anyone having anything stolen, and the worst things lost or forgotten are ethernet cables. So, this is just a heads up but it is honestly not something to worry about too much, as our community cares.
PC Gamers
If you intend to play any PC games, in the tournaments or not, you will need to bring a computer capable of playing the games you want to participate in. This means everything, and read carefully!
If your gaming rig is a tower:
  • Tower
  • Monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Power Strip (aka, surge protector)
  • Power Cables (desktop & monitor)
  • Headphones
or if you're rolling with a good laptop:
  • Laptop
  • Power adapter
  • Mouse (unless you are a touchpad king)
  • Headphones
  • Cooling pad (if you have/need one)
  • We hope you all have fun and can't wait to see you there!
    Console Gamers
    Sure! Feel free to bring your console(s) and a monitor for it. This is similar to the "What To Bring."
    What we've done in the past is an ad-hoc setup. Some of the admins have brought consoles before. Otherwise you would want to bring your own console, monitor, games, controllers, and if we have a spare maybe you could hook that up to a projector.
    Yes! We are accepting volunteers to help out with setup, tear down, and the general running of WSUCon. If you are interested, please contact us!
    No problem! We're really sorry you can't make it, but we totally understand. You should have gotten a confirmation email from Eventbrite congratulating you on registering for WSUCon, find that and there should be a link to change registration and cancel. If you aren't able to find how to cancel or change your registration, please contact us at wsulugadmin@gmail.com.
    Wondering about parking around WSU? Fear not, we are here to help! Here are some options for parking around the CUB: We will also have 30 minute mall passes for attendees to check out so they can bring their equipment right up to the CUB! Mall passes will be available for check-out at the check-in desk.
    Simple! Feel free to ask us a question on Facebook, Reddit, Steam, or Slack.